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Hello lovely! I'm Hayleigh,

And I’m here to make your business life easier, one task at a time.
Let me guess: You’re in a major growth phase of your biz. You’re feeling overwhelmed with your never ending to-do list. You’re thinking, “Will it EVER get easier?”

With the support of the Head Helper (that’s me, Hayleigh!), we can shift your biz from Struggle City to Ease Central.

Are you ready for it?

Another lockdown redundancy story...

That left me jobless in a global pandemic, wondering, “What’s next for Hayleigh?”

I had years of administrative work and a degree in graphic design under my belt, a flair for the creative side of business and a desire to make a difference to small businesses, so I pooled these skills and took the leap into full time Hali Halper. 

I’m here to help you build a business you love working in, bringing a dash of creativity, a sprinkle of simplicity and a dollop of joy to your world.

On the off chance you catch me away from my desk, you’ll find me binging RuPaul’s Drag Race (I’m a fanatic!), walking Harley The Dog down Mentone Beach or Marie Kondo’ing my pantry, living my dream version of the Melbourne lifestyle.

About HaliHelper - Hayleigh Watson's story

Hayleigh Watson

CEO & Head Hali Helper

My Values


Trusting a whole other person with your business is a big step, regardless of where you’re at in your biz journey. That’s why I take extra care to deliver a high touch service that’ll leave you feeling as comfortable, assured and in the best of hands.


Relief. Reliability. Effectiveness. Kindness. This is what it means to be TRULY helpful for small businesses. You want someone who can not only do the tasks, but make you feel relieved that you’ve handed over the reins. That’s what I’m here to do for you.


A dash of out-of-the-box thinking never hurt anyone, did it? Not only do I thrive on bringing creativity into systems and processes, it’s also an oh-so-essential part of creating standout design and social media content for my clients!

“She’s the bright spark behind my success.”

The Little Gift Loft

Bringing joy back to biz starts here

And you’re in good hands with virtual assistance, social media management and graphic design expertise in the one, ever-so-helpful place.

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Trust one helper to do it all,
Keep your business in the safe hands of one, super skilled specialist, who knows the ins and outs of your business and can level up your socials, graphics AND admin in a flash. 

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Are we a match made in digital heaven?

Lock in a discovery call with the Head Hali Helper (that’s me, Hayleigh!) to discover how we can bring ease and joy back to your business.
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