How My Circle Of Women Help Build My Business

April 25, 2023

If you know anything about me, you know I love nothing more than supporting women in business. It’s why Hali Helper is built around supporting brilliant business women in each and every industry, and it’s why I love my business (even on the tough days where I’m really not liking it… but we’ve all be there!).

But you might not realise just how many women are in my corner, helping support me in the day-to-day operations of my business, helping me dream bigger than ever, and helping support me emotionally when I need someone to lean on.

So, in light of International Women’s Day, I wanted to dig a little deeper and give you an insight into how my circle of women help build my business.

Let’s start with the obvious…

My Helpers

In 2022, I scaled Hali Helper from a one-woman-show into a VA Agency, which meant I needed to hire helpers to get the work done.

My helpers are a group of brilliant and highly skilled women specialising in all sorts of areas in business. From graphic design and social media marketing to customer service and business admin, my helpers work hard to make the lives of our clients easier, calmer and all around better.

The beautiful thing about my helpers is that they don’t just help my clients, they help my own businesses thrive. A few of the helpers take tasks off my plate, both within Hali Helper and Girls Gotta Work, and it gives me the mental space to focus on bringing in more work and doing other activities to grow the businesses.

Scaling to an agency model has had its challenges, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I am so beyond grateful that I have so many talented women in my team, and Hali Helper wouldn’t be what it is today without them.

My Team

I talk non-stop about the power of outsourcing in business, so it would be a bit hypocritical if I didn’t do it myself, wouldn’t it?

I have a bigger team full of women who are truly experts in their fields, helping with the biz stuff I either can’t do or just really don’t want to do. These people include:

  • Accountants
  • Bookkeepers
  • Social media strategists
  • Podcast managers
  • Business coaches
  • Business mentors

These women help make sure Hali Helper runs smoothly, grows at a rate I'm happy with and doesn’t commit tax fraud from relying on me (not a numbers person) to DIY our taxes!

My Biz Besties

If you follow @girlsgottaworkpodcast, you know just how much I love my biz besties. These are the girls who get it, the girls who are always around to hype me up, the girls who offer their shoulder to cry on when the going gets tough.

I remember in my first year of business, before I met my biz besties, just how hard running a business was. They say that most people don’t make it past their first year in biz, and I truly think it’s because you’re too focused on getting the business set up that you forget you need people in your circle who understand what you’re going through and can help you through it.

That’s why, when I finally started going to networking events and found my biz besties, I knew I’d be able to make it as a business owner. I knew I could chat to them about my big dreams, ask them general biz questions, bounce ideas and ask for pep talks. I could get the kind of emotional support I needed and couldn’t really get from my helpers or my team. 

My biz besties are my emotional support squad, and I wouldn’t be half the business owner I am without them.

My Circle Of Women

My helpers, my team, my biz besties – I know it sounds cliché, but I don’t know what I would do without them. They’re the women who build me up, support me through this wild journey and ensure Hali Helper is a smooth, functional and successful business.

If you’re still looking for a team of women to have in your corner, we can help. Me and my helpers can become part of your team, helping with the running of your business. We have capacity for a few more retainer clients in our portfolio, so if you need help with social media, graphic design or admin support, get in touch.

And if you need a group of biz besties in your corner, come hang out with me and my biz bestie Jords at Girls Gotta Work. We host fortnightly podcast episodes sharing the rad, the bad and the mad reality of running a business, and we’re starting to host in-person events to help you find your own squad of biz besties.

No matter how successful you are as a business owner, we all need the right people in our corner to support us. This is what I’m most grateful for in business, and this is what I’m celebrating for International Women’s Day. 

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