Lisa | Accounted For You

March 4, 2022

Meet the beautiful Lisa from Accounted for you! She is an amazing ray of light who helps me with my business numbers and i couldn't be more grateful!

I have so much respect for her  and how she runs Accounted for you! You can really feel how much she values you as an individual and makes sure you are well looked after as a client.

I have admired from a far how she manages her business and looks after a team and a family and it was so exciting to learn more about her in the blog below.

1. What is your brand story? Tell us  a little bit about what makes you, you! And why you got into business?

Many years ago, I had a great role in a corporate setting. I loved the work but I had a yearning to do my  own thing. As much as I loved the actual work, the rigid structure, lack of  flexibility and long hours sucked the joy out of it. Once I started my  family, I changed to a perfect part time role in a family business. While it  was amazing, we then moved our family to QLD and it made me then rethink the  bigger picture, was part time work even what I wanted?

I dreamed of being professionally satisfied AND a present mother. I don’t think they should be mutually exclusive but, patriarchy and everything that goes along with it makes it  impossible for them to meet in the middle.

I wanted to support women in  business because I was acutely aware of the additional hurdles we had to jump  over.

So, I took my bookkeeping brain  and started my own business. With one BIG mission, to grow female-led  organisations.

2. What has been the biggest  challenges you have faced during your career/business? And how did you  overcome it?

I love this question because it’s  so crucial to identify roadblocks and smash through them! I’ve had my fair  share but the big ones would have to be: boundaries and growth.

When you start a business, you’re  kind of green in the sense that you just want to make everyone happy so you  do everything (at the detriment of your sanity!) to achieve that. In the  early days, I’d happily jump through hoops to meet really unrealistic  demands. Now? I have clear processes and procedures and if something falls  outside of that, it’s a N-O. It can be hard to hold myself accountable but in  the long run, it’s a really key to valuing myself and ensuring clients  understand my worth.

And, of course, growth. Again, it  comes down to mindset. When my books started filling up, I worked longer and  harder to meet demand. It wasn’t long before I was less present at home and feeling burnt out. So, I took a hit financially and hired my first staff  member.

This alone allowed me to increase  my capacity and eventually, my income. I’d essentially capped my growth by  NOT getting support. I wish I took the leap earlier, to be honest!

3. What is something you are super  proud you have achieved?

Well, this year marks my 6th in business  which I can’t quite believe! We have also hit a massive milestone with 50  female-led businesses on our client list. Supporting these businesses means  we’re in turn supporting their growth and their families all at once. It  sounds lame but it fills my number-loving heart with all the feels thinking  about the impact we make.

Also, last year I launched my own digital course, Power In Numbers, developed  to support new business owners.

4. Who are the women you most admire  in business?

There are so many and they are  all incredible for different reasons BUT, I’d have to say my best friend,  Naomi. She owns her own business although it’s not at all small now, it was  at the start. She’s a force professionally but personally? She shines so so  bright. She is a staunch supporter of women in business. She gives her time  freely and makes everyone feel like a friend. Adore her! We actually met  through a charity she co-founded years ago and we’ve remained tight ever  since.

And of course, my biz bestie Tracey. We chat almost daily, mainly about little business niggles we both  have and I would be lost without her!   

5. If you could go back and give  advice to your younger self, what would it be?

One thing I love about getting  older is the confidence you gain. I didn’t have a lot of it in my 20’s and  even my early 30’s. I didn’t question things perhaps as much as I should  have.

I expected a level of perfection from myself that held me back. So, I’d  march up to young Lisa and tell her to say yes to every opportunity.

To not worry about the ins and outs, that she’d figure it out as she went. That she  didn’t need to wait for the stars to align to jump into business for herself.  I’d also warn her to stand firm with those professional boundaries.



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