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March 8, 2022

Michelle From Aussie Biz Chic (ABC) has been such an influence on me and my business!

I was lucky enough to stumble upon her and the ABC community when I first started my biz, and to have another young female entrepreneur to look up to while I was figuring out my biz was exactly what I needed!

She has created an amazing community for other women to lean on one another and her passion for her biz is so inspiring. I love what ABC delivers every month and the drive Michelle has in her business really shines through!

Jump in and read all about her journey below

1. What is your brand story? Tell us a  little bit about what makes you, you! And why you got into business?

The idea behind Aussie Biz Chic came about  when I was in the very early stages of coming up with ideas for my own  business. I did research....so much research. Then it hit me, I wanted to  make it easier for female entrepreneurs to get access to valuable resources  that could help them grow their business. Instead of you having to use up  your precious time looking for answers.

 The fact that I am writing this right now,  working from home, for a business I built from the ground up, that I’m  passionate about is something I still pinch myself right now that I’m able to  do.

I also am a MAJOR reader and recently only discovered self-help and business  books when I wanted to up-skill myself in running a business and level up.  Some of the first books I read were Barefoot Investor, The Subtle Art of of  Not Giving a F*ck and then the flood gates opened from there and I wanted to  share what I was reading with others. Because if it helped me I knew it can  help my fellow entrepreneurs. :-)

I think what makes me, me is my positive  outlook and I want to share this energy with others. You’ll rarely see me not  smiling on Instagram. Good vibes all year round! Also, I try to be really  honest and share the complete behind the scenes of running a business.

I got into business because there was a moment  in my corporate job where I realized what I was doing just didn’t bring me  joy. At this time, I ALSO was getting into the self-help books and guess what  many of the books said…if you want true wealth, start your own business. Then  I discovered the female entrepreneur space and community. I FELL IN LOVE.  This was my community, where I felt like I belong.

2. What has been the biggest challenges you  have faced during your career/business? And how did you overcome it?

In terms of business, I actually tried to  start 2 businesses before Aussie Biz Chic and they both didn’t make it! Then  when building Aussie Biz Chic, I have had many hiccups from delayed shipments,  COVID, money lost, you name it!
 To overcome challenges, I really try to accept the fact that these things  happen and I can either let it get me down and then be stuck or deal with it, keep looking ahead and get on with it and actually make progress.

I’m constantly looking forward and only really look back when I want to  reflect, learn and feel at peace with the past.

3. What is something you are super proud  you have achieved?

   You do realise you don’t have to follow what Society says is  right….

The fact that I am writing this right now, working from home, for a business I built from the ground up, that I’m  passionate about is something I still pinch myself right now that I’m able to  do.
All the hardships and meltdowns totally worth it to have gotten to this  point.

4. Who are the women you most admire in  business?

Jane Lu from Showpo. I just love her story of  how she pretended to her parents she was still working at this huge  accounting firm, only actually to be sitting at McDonalds building Showpo.  She also completely failed her first business and was in debt but still  decided to give it another go! Her story really resonates with me, and I love  stories of resilience and not giving up. Inspires me all the time. (Plus, she  is so fun on her socials)
Melanie Perkins from Canva. Aussie and one of the youngest female CEOs of all  time. THIS WOMAN IS GOALS. What really stands out to me here and why I admire  her so much is the tech start-up industry is VERY male dominated and here is  Melanie coming in and completely changing the way people can edit and create  graphics. Who needs adobe suite when you have Canva? She’s a genius.
The Aussie Biz Chic Community + all other women starting or running their own  business. The thing is there are so many other stories out there from women  in business that we don’t hear about, but I admire every single one of them  out there for going on a business journey! Since joining the female  entrepreneur space I honestly get inspired every day from members to  strangers that show up on my feed. (When I see her flaunting her hand-made  scrunchies or she’s showed up on camera for the first time or she’s sharing  her expertise, that inspires me. Because it inspires me to do the same  regardless of where anybody is on their business journey).

5. If you could go back and give advice to  your younger self, what would it be?

I would tell my high school/teenage Self
 - You don’t have to become an accountant, doctor or lawyer to be able earn  good money. Seriously, you don’t have to be doing 3 math’s haha You can earn  money doing a job that you do love. It’s not all about the money!! It’s about  living a life that you find that suits you.

I would tell my UNI self

-    Just letting you know that all this stuff you are learning now,  won’t apply and you’re better off trying to get real world experience and  doing courses from people online vs sitting in lectures where they teach out  outdated stuff.

-    Don’t do those masters. Waste of time and money :’)

I would tell my corporate self

-    Stop trying to please everyone. Just do the job you were paid to do.

-    You do realise you don’t have to follow what Society says is  right….

I would tell my “just starting out with Aussie  Biz Chic self”

-    There’s going to be people who put you down and be ready for that.  But just know that there’s MORE people who will support you and love what you  are doing.

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