Mythbusting With Hayleigh: “Hiring Help Means I’m Bad At Business”

February 5, 2023

“Hiring help means I’m bad at business.”

“Outsourcing means I’m no longer self-made.”

“Asking for help makes me weak.”

Girl, I know you’ve said at least one of these statements before. Whether it was muttered quietly to yourself while hovering near the “book” button on a discovery call booking page or chanted over and over again in your mind while all the other business owners on Instagram promote themselves as self-made, I almost guarantee you’ve felt outsourcing is a bad thing.

Want to know the honest-to-RuPaul truth? 

Hiring help means you’re good at business.

Every successful business owner you can think of has hired help in their business, because no one person can do it all.

Let that sink in:

No one person can do it all.

It doesn’t matter how hard you hustle, how many hours you put in or how good you are at what you do, you’re never going to be able to grow if you insist on doing it all.

But where does this mindset come from? Why do women in business think hiring help makes us bad at business?

And how do we stop this mindset spiral and take action? Let’s find out.

Why you feel inadequate when asking for help

I’m going to set the scene.

You’re scrolling Instagram. You’re catching up with all the business women you look up to. One of them has just hit her first six figure month. Another has just shared her story to her self-made success. 

And you’re all up in your feels, feeling overwhelmed and overworked and overstressed and over IT, knowing that you could never possibly live up to the self-made success of these women in business.

You don't know how they do it. Hell, you’re a few years into your business and drowning in the neverending workload, knowing deep down you need help but your Inner Mean Girl comes out to play.

She says, “If they don’t need help to grow their businesses, neither should you.”

She says, “You should just work harder. Do better.”

She says, “You’re not a real business owner if you ask for help.”

Want to know the thing about your Inner Mean Girl? Want to know the thing about comparisonitis, especially when it takes place on such a shiny platform like Instagram?

They’re just playing into your own fears.

But that doesn’t make them true.

The actual truth? Business owners need help.

We need help to scale. To stay in our zones of genius. To have more time for our families. To have more time to think of new ways to grow our business.

So when we let our fears take control, we’re holding ourselves back. We’re not stepping into our best, business owner selves. We think we’ll be judged about hiring help, because we place more value on being self-made than not burning out every few months.

But as RuPaul says, “Whatever people think of me is none of my business.”

You need to make your business work for you. 

You need to step into your best, business owner self.

And you do that by asking for help.

How you can shift your mindset

At the end of the (far too long) day, feeling confident to outsource is all about mindset. So, how do we take our deep-rooted insecurities about what outsourcing means about us, and turn them into the reason we take action and hire help? 

Here are a few of my fave ways to work it:

#1 Talk to biz owners you admire

And ask them about their relationship with outsourcing.

Ask them if they’ve outsourced (I almost guarantee they have).

Ask them what they’ve outsourced, so you get a true understanding of what outsourcing can do for your business.

Ask them why they’ve outsourced, so you can truly picture your life when you take that next step in your business.

#2 Research different ways you can outsource

There are so many different things you can outsource in your business. With everything from your bookkeeping to your business admin to your social media marketing, you can get help in just about any area of business.

Find out what you want help with most (which is usually the task that keeps being nudged off your to-do list), find someone who can help and book a discovery call to see if they’re the right fit.

#3 Take action

You might not find the right person to outsource to right away. It might take a few discovery calls to find the right person for the job. Test the waters, chat to the pro’s and see what feels right.

It doesn’t matter if you get help right now or in a few months from now.

All that matters is that you take action.

Ready to ask for help?

Are you ready to start asking for help in your business? Are you ready to see what’s possible when you stop working in your business 24/7 and start working on your business?

Hali Helper is here to help, with a team of virtual assistants ready to help you with your graphic design, social media and administrative needs. 

Whether you know exactly what you need or have no idea (but know you need help in some way), book a discovery call to explore working with Hali Helper in 2023!

See you on Zoom shortly x

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