Why Hire A Virtual Assistant

July 14, 2022

How Can A Virtual Assistant Help Your Business?

You’d think virtual assisting is a new industry, with a bunch of new VAs popping up on the gram with grand (but true!) claims of making your biz life the easiest it’s ever been!

But before there were VAs sprinkled throughout the biz world, we had actual, IRL assistants to do all of your office admin. These traditional assistants were tasked with filing, making coffee, answering phone calls, responding to (and organising) emails, and so many other tasks that would organise and simplify the business operations.

Now, we’re living in a digital age where more solopreneurs and small business owners are running their businesses online, so there’s substantially less of a need for assistants to help out IRL.

Enter: The Virtual Assistant.

VAs are the all-in-one, handy as ever, modern version of the traditional assistant, helping on a range of tasks from admin and customer management to social media and graphic design. The beauty of VAs is that we all specialise in different fields, so you can pick a VA to suit exactly what your business needs.

There are SO many benefits of hiring a VA as a small biz owner, but I’m going to walk you through the three key benefits that’ll simplify your business, one task at a time. 

More time

Small business owners are renowned for having too much to do and too little time to do it in (can I get a heck yeah over here??). It always comes down to prioritising the tasks that absolutely, without question, MUST be done in any given day, and pushing those less important tasks off your to-do list. 

This is where us VAs come in.

Virtual assistants will waltz right into your business and take all of the time sucking tasks off your hands. Depending on the VA (we’re all different!), this includes tasks like social media content creation, graphic design, general admin work, customer service – the list goes on! All the tasks that will set you apart in business? We’ll take on, and we’ll do the tasks with efficiency, professionalism and to the highest of standards. 

But how does this save you time?

Not only will we save you time by taking tasks off your to-do list, we’ll also use our VA expertise to optimise your systems and processes, setting your business operations up for success.

And you know what they say: when you’ve got more time, you can also make more MONEY!

More Money

Not only do you have more time to focus on income generating tasks in your business (and the big, creative ideas that’ll generate huge revenue in the future!), you’re also saving bucketloads on the usual costs of hiring an employee to help out.

Office supplies. Taxes. Super. Team lunches. Meetings (with coffee, obviously!). Annual leave.

The costs of hiring an in-house assistant are substantially higher than outsourcing to a VA. We’re just like another member of your team. We care about your business (almost) as much as you do. But we don’t take any of the extra costs that come from hiring an employee.

It’s a win-win, don’t you think??

Now it’s time for our last benefit, and it’s a big one! This is one of the reasons I started Hali Helper. It’s one of the things my clients love most about working with me in their businesses. 

And it’s one you might not expect to get from a VA.

More creativity

Creativity has always been a big part of my life. With a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and years of working alongside creative industries under my belt, I’ve always felt the pull to help small businesses get more creative!

Not only can VAs help with the more artsy creative tasks, like social media content creation and graphic design (which will also help you get more paying customers), we also use it to our advantage when we’re solving problems in your business.

Creative problem solving for small businesses is SUPER important. Just because the big guys in biz do it a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to do it that way, too! The chances of there being a more efficient, more streamlined way of solving problems are HIGH, so us VAs put on our creative problem solving hats to make your business work for YOU.

There are endless benefits of having a creative thinker on your side of the biz trenches, and it helps that we know your business inside out and can help provide these solutions within our monthly retainers.

Gone are the days of the assistants making you coffee and filing (physical) documents! Instead, we’re embracing the digital age with creative virtual assistants who will save you time, money and help your business flourish!

If you want a slice of the VA pie (which you should, ‘cause it’s delicious!), check out how I’ve helped small business owners like you, or get in touch to discuss packages!

Let’s simplify your business one task at a time, with the Head Hali Helper (that’s me, Hayleigh!) at your service! 

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